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DCRC-Irkutsk of Russian Railways subdivision of DCRC
Irkutsk group of the customer on construction of rail transport facilities
According to Decree of V. I. Yakunin, President of “Russian Railways”, on 01.07.2014 Irkutsk group of the customer on construction of rail transport facilities was created in Irkutsk to implement investment projects on reconstruction and development of rail infrastructure facilities in the Far East and Baikal region. At the moment 184 facilities of the investment program are under supervision of DCRC-Irkutsk of Russian Railways; these facilities are located within the zone of East Siberian railway including new Baikal tunnel with length of 6.8 km. The goal is to increase BAM capacity twice by 2017 from 16 to 32 pairs of trains in 24 hours; it is necessary to build and reconstruct about 500 km of the second tracks, 90 stations, 47 sidings, 680 km of automatic block signaling lines, 350 km of overhead system, 19 railway substations, 85 bridges and to build new Baikal tunnel.
Total length of sections, where facilities of Russian Railways DCRC-Irkutsk are located, is as follows:
–       Tayshet – Khani (BAM) – 1 865 km;
–       Tayshet – Kizha (Trans-sib) – 1 262 km.


Depute Head of DCRC of Russian Railways
for Baikal-Amur mainline development

Evgeny Aleksandrovich Solntsev
Born in Voronezh in 1980.
Evgeny Solntsev graduated from the Voronezh State Architecture and Construction Academy in 2002 with a degree in Industrial and Civil Construction.  
Previously employed in DCRC-Irkutsk of Russian Railways,
DCRC-Sochi of Russian Railways.

Depute Head of the Group
DKRC-Irkutsk of Russian Railways

Andrey Mikhailovich Dudnik