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Baikal Natural Zone

   Observance of environmental legislation in the Baikal natural zone during
                  development of the rail infrastructure of eastern site

       During implementation of the rail infrastructure development program of Russian
Railways eastern site, facilities of Trans-Siberian and Baikal-Amur Mainlines are
being reconstructed and built.On 11.07.2014 amendments came into force that establish special treatment of performing economic and other activities in Baikal natural zone; these amendments were made into urban-planning and environmental legislation by the Federal Law dated 28.06.2014 No. 181-FZ “Concerning making amendments into certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”.
       Modernization of several rail infrastructure facilities located within Baikal natural zone requires that responsible officers shall take additional measures focused on minimizing negative impact on unique ecological system of Lake Baikal.
       Impact of planned construction activity on environment is estimated for all facilities located within Baikal natural zone.
       Materials of impact estimation are provided for consideration of society (public hearings are being held); all suggestions and comments are considered in design documentation.
       In accordance with article 49 of Urban Development Code and sub-clause 7.1 of article 11 of the Federal Law dated 23.11.1995 No. 174-FZ “Concerning ecological examinations”, materials of impact estimation as a part of facilities design documentation are subject to state ecological examinations.
       Within the scope of estimation of impact on environment, damage of wildlife and plant life objects, aquatic biological resource, other environmental components caused by construction activities is being calculated; measures focused on negative impact minimization are being developed.
       Program of ecological and mountain-and-environmental monitoring has been developed to preserve ecological system in the territory allotted for construction of rail infrastructure facilities and to develop plan of measures for environment negative impact minimization, timely prevention of potential negative effects caused by construction activities; this monitoring will be carried out during the whole period of construction.
       According to applicable environmental legislation the following documentation is being developed and prepared:
       –   design documentation is subject to state ecological examinations and will receive positive certifications for all facilities located in Baikal natural zone;
       –   materials of engineering and environmental surveys are being sent to authorities of Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage for defining list of measures required in case of works execution in the habit area of rare animals and plants recorded in the Red Book;
       –   aquatic biological resource damages are being estimated and such estimations as a part of design documentation are to be approved in the local authorities of Russian Federal Fisheries Agency;
       –   permits concerning water use are being prepared in case of construction of hydraulic engineering structures, bridges, underwater and underground crossings, pipelines, underwater communications lines, other communications and utilities lines if such construction is connected with changing the water objects bottom and banks (including cases when construction works are connected with machinery arrangement in the water protection area);
       –   in case of works execution in the forest lands, projects of forest exploitation are being developed; these projects are subject to examinations in the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources;
       –   draft standards of waste production and limits for it disposal (in every production facility specialized places for temporary waste storage are to be made; these places are to be accepted by specialized agency for waste disposal);
       –   draft standards for maximum allowable pollutant emissions into the atmospheric air are being developed, emission permits are being prepared;
       –   draft standards for maximum allowable discharges are being developed, discharge permits are being prepared;
       –   projects of sanitary protection zones are being developed; after considering them Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights will issue Hygiene Certificates;
       –   project of mountain-and-environmental monitoring is developed;
       –   programs of ecological monitoring are being developed;
       –   payment for negative impact on the environment is made by contracting agencies during construction works.