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Contracting agencies of DCRC-Irkutsk of Russian Railways
Implementation of investment projects on reconstruction and development of rail infrastructure facilities in the Far East and Baikal region in 2014 – 2017  

Описание: РосжелдорпроектThe largest company of Russia performing design-and-exploration works for construction, overhaul and reconstruction of rail, industrial, social-and-cultural, housing facilities and commercial real estate. Associated company of Russian Railways.

 Описание: Трансюжстрой
Managing company “Transuzhstroy” is a holding construction-industrial-financial company. Its main activities are construction and electrification of rail transport facilities, traffic routes, industrial-and-civil works, production of construction materials and structures.
 Описание: Сетьстрой
Group of companies specialized in implementation of external utilities, mounting and adjustment of processing equipment.
 Описание: СКМост
One of the leading Russian enterprises in the sphere of construction industry.